July 2013

Discover the lovely stories of Lower Marsh, some familiar and some completely unexpected, in a celebration of local community.

Fantasy High Street is a celebration of community and the high street, placing artists into retail spaces to create inspirational experiences and explore the social value of the space. As part of the festival’s soft launch on Lower Marsh in Waterloo, Coney were commissioned to explore the local area and present an exhibition of The Loveliness of Lower Marsh.

Lower Marsh is a high street at the beating heart of South London, a neighbourhood that’s gone through many changes over the years. Over many hours and cups of tea we spoke to the inhabitants who know it inside out, from Mauritian bingo-players to the lady who sells beautiful flowers there every day. Garnering what we learnt about life on Lower Marsh, we created an exhibition that showcased everything lovely about the street and some mysterious occurrences that happened whilst we were there…




4 - 11 July 2013

Cafe del Marsh, Lower Marsh, London


Coney is here represented by Alyn Gwyndaf, Rachael Smith, Toby Peach and Tassos Stevens.

Director: Tassos Stevens
Research and reconnaissance: Toby Peach
Designer: Rachael A Smith
Project manager: Alyn Gwyndaf
Ear: Tom Bowtell
With thanks to Cafe del Marsh, the Scooter Caffe and many local agents.