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In April, Coney launched its first ever Kickstarter campaign, for the development of our show Early Days (Of A Better Nation). It sailed over the line thanks to our brilliant supporters. The good news is that Early Days is now confirmed to play in London as part of UK Parliament Week in November (more details soon!), and rewards will be winging their way to supporters in September.

It might be surprising that we’re already launching our second Kickstarter campaign. We’ve been exploring new forms of fundraising with support from Arts Council England’s Catalyst scheme, and the plan for this year is to run three* campaigns, each for a very different project in Coney’s stable, and each reaching and hopefully building different parts of our wider network. So if you supported the first campaign, no need to dig in again, but if you can help us spread the word on this then that will be amazing.

This campaign is to support a brand new piece of work by Coney: Adventure 1 in a set of adventures called A Tail Of Two Cities, playing around a secret location in the financial district of a city, and exploring our relationship to the financial system and the economic crisis. It’s building on a distinctive line of practice of making play in public, which has been workshopped across the world from Brooklyn to Melbourne (and with a playful secret at its heart that you can discover if you like). It will be, we hope, not just an exciting but also a reflective experience, and we’re working with various organisations including the homeless charity The Choir With No Name to make it as rich and magical as possible.

We can already make a most basic adventurous experience using some telephone magic, but we’re looking for support to deploy performers and rich sound design to make Adventure 1 truly an exciting adventure. And we’ve offering what we hope are some intriguing rewards, from the means to receive a piece of that telephone magic, to being conducted on a little adventure especially created for you, to a gift chosen just for you from Coney’s prop store.

The first performances of Adventure 1 will happen in London, somewhere in and around the Square Mile, but if we manage to stretch beyond our goal of £3000 then we’ll be able to blueprint the adventure to make new versions for different cities – perhaps one near you?

You can view the campaign here, and any support from a pledge to a tweet is much appreciated.

Tassos Stevens

*We’ll be knocking in the autumn for a third campaign around our Adventures in Learning work with primary school children.

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