From March 2016

DROVES is currently in development working towards a large scale site-responsive production in 2017/18, placing young people aged 8-12 as the creative leads and made for an adult audience.

From designing stage lighting to developing the script, the project will also see young creatives learning about the processes and skills involved in taking a production from conception to performance.

March saw us make our first playful experiments towards DROVES, working with Year 5 pupils from Beckford Primary School in West Hampstead. They created a world where characters from fiction stepped out of their books to become eccentric teachers of the Top Secret (shh) School for Spies. Our audience had to silently navigate an assault course without waking the sleeping ninja cats, solve the devilish riddles of Tweedles Dum and Dee and finally build a fort out of cardboard to impress the imposing Major A.

More to be announced soon…



“In normal theatre they would just sit and watch you, but you’re kind of taking the audience and having them to cooperate with you in your big show.”

Sefani, Beckford Primary School student

“As it is an interactive theatre people might say different things so I need to figure out what to say in different occasions, I need to think ahead. It’s really exciting doing that. I also enjoyed making all the places, like for example this room, it’s basically a huge labyrinth with traps and you need to not wake up the sleeping ninja cats. It’s just been really exciting. I’ve REALLY enjoyed it. It’s been wonderful, the most fun experience I’ve… ever had. I will probably remember it for a long time.”

Oscar, Beckford Primary School student


Created and devised by the young people of Beckford Primary School, West Hampstead

Directing – Tom Bowtell 

Assistant Director – Toby Peach

Sound Artist – Dinah Mullen

Documenter – Natalie Raaum