A Scratch Night of Play hosted by Coney and Theatre Delicatessen

We are chuffed to be hosting our third Scratch Night of Play with our friends over at Theatre Delicatessen at their beautiful new home, the Old Library. We will be scratching three new pieces about our collective past and imagined future: David Finnigan’s (an attempt to perform) Kill Climate Deniers, Nathan Harrison’s How I saved the Western Black Rhino and Coney’s The Common.

Saturday 19th November 2016, 7.30pm – £8/6.

Image credit: Nathan Harrison

Image credit: Nathan Harrison

The Common by Coney

Here represented by Tassos Stevens and others TBA

The Common (a political consultancy firm…) are here to let you in on a secret. A secret about the times we’re living in now. The Common is piece of interactive game-theatre for a playing audience, you’ll rotate through scenarios about our political mindsets beyond just party politics.

Coney are interactive theatre makers – creating games, adventures and play where people can choose to take a meaningful part, if they choose.

Tassos Stevens is a runner and director of Coney, and director and co-maker of A Small Town Anywhere, REMOTE, and The Loveliness Of Lower Marsh.

@agencyofconey | #thecommon


(an attempt to perform) Kill Climate Deniers by David Finnigan

What happens when the unstoppable force of climate change meets the immovable object of Australian federal politics?

As Fleetwood Mac take the stage in Parliament House's main hall, 96 armed eco-terrorists storm the building and take the whole crowd hostage, threatening to execute everyone unless Australia ends global warming. Tonight.

Writer/performer and Coney Associate David Finnigan will take you for a trip into the blunt force world of climate change and politics, soundtracked by a dancefloor-ready mix of classic House and Techno from 1988-93.

Part political satire, part anthemic club album, Kill Climate Deniers is a bloodbath with all the excitement and energy of a rave.

@davidfinig | #killclimatedeniers


How I Saved The Western Black Rhino by Nathan Harrison

There have been five major extinction events in the earth’s history. With the current extinction rate thousands of times higher than normal, we might be in the middle of the sixth – and this would be the first one driven by an organism (spoiler: the organism is us).

Australian performer Nathan Harrison looks at our relationship with this extinction event within the context of the earth’s biological history. This is an attempt to wrestle with the complex feelings that extinction provokes – along with the uplifting story of Nathan saving the Western Black Rhino from extinction.



We would love for you to join us for this Scratch Night of Play, which will take place on Saturday 19 November 2016 at 7.30pm, hosted with Theatre Delicatessen at their new South London home:

The Old Library, 39 Wells Way, London, SE5 0PX

If you’d like to come along, you can book here to do so – and we’ll see you very soon.


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