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The Droves is an immersive theatre show, designed by kids, for adults.

You’re invited into a secret community of children living deep beneath a derelict carpet factory. For decades they’ve hidden from adults, growing strange in the darkness – but now they’re asking you in… Unsettling dilemmas, mushroom forests and at least one gorilla await you at the door.

Part immersive experience, part escape game, BAFTA award winning company Coney present the imaginations of 6-11 year olds as they take over their own site in London Bridge for this unique theatrical event.

“If you want to see the future of British theatre now, Coney is one of the companies to watch”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

The Droves will be at COLAB Factory from the Sat 17 – Sun 25 February 2018 from 6:30pm (Matinees from 1:30pm)


Company Information;
A project by Coney and The Droves Young Company                    
Concept|Director|Writer Tom Bowtell
Company Producer Natalie Raaum        
Associate Producer Lizzie Jenkins
Associate Director Toby Peach              
Sound Design Dinah Mullen
Visual Design Kirsty Harris                  
Ear Tassos Stevens
Associate Dominic Garfield                   
Consultant Producer Lizzie Stables

Illustration Pat McGee; Graphic Design Ben Jones 


History of The Droves

The Droves has been created over 3 years. Coney worked with over 550 young people in the their home of Tower Hamlets and beyond to bring together the most creative individuals to create The Droves Young Company. Over the past year the Young Company has worked together to create a unique immersive production where they have created every element from the story to the set design.

Coney would like to thank the following people and organisations for their support on The Droves:

Juliet Desailly, Adam Coleman, Adam Gallacher, Benjamin Yeoh, Chloe Booth, James Clayton, Jane Samuels, Joanna Marschner, St Margaret’s House, Graeae Theatre Company, Shoreditch Town Hall, George Mitchell Primary School, Hermitage Primary School, Betty Layward Primary School, Mayflower Primary School, Marner Primary School, Stepney Green Primary School, Upton Cross Primary School, Beckford Primary School and our 33 person Festival Weekend young company.

The Droves is supported by Arts Council England, John Thaw Foundation, CoLab Factory,and a generous network of individuals through Coney Club Night #1 and Coney’s Friends scheme.


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When children are allowed to be theatremakers they’re empowered in a totally different way… If today’s six year-olds are making immersive site-specific shows, who knows what they’ll start making in 20 years time?

Matt Trueman, What’s On Stage

More than anything, the show is about [the children]: the three year process, the progress from concept to performance, and the distillation of two and a half years’ worth of young people’s strange imaginings into this gleeful piece.

Tim Bano, Time Out

There’s magic and madcap fun to be had in roaming the wilds of an eight year-old’s imagination… it’s heartening to know that so many children have been exposed to the variety and vibrancy of theatre at such a young age.

Fergus Morgan, The Stage

A bizarre and entertaining wander through the child hive-mind… The Droves is a revealing insight into the minds of 6-11-year-olds and a chance for us all to remember that when it comes to imagination, children are way ahead of us all.

Maryam Philpott, The Reviews Hub