Act. Don’t Act

Commissioned by C Space

Commissioned by C Space, Coney created interactive and playable scenarios exploring the themes of control, trust and community in the context of businesses and challenges faced in 2017, and as they affect brands and consumers in the near future.

Weaving together storytelling and challenging provocations, Act. Don’t Act sets the stage for discussion of commercial decision-making and consumer relationships with C Space clients and invited audiences.

The future is always uncertain, but sometimes… well sometimes it feels more uncertain than others. Especially when the present isn’t entirely clear.

For the average person in the UK right now, the future is both full of possibility and pregnant with worry. Technology promises convenience for some, but potentially unemployment for others. The line between private and public is blurry and getting more so, and who draws that line is unclear. Some long for a return to traditional community while others feel safer in communities online, driven by interest rather than geography. Multiply that by Brexit and you have a landscape that for brands has never been more difficult to navigate, and for consumers never more difficult to make sense of.

Originally commissioned by C Space in partnership with Porter Novelli.

Concept by Coney
Direction Michelle McMahon and Tassos Stevens
Game Design David Finnigan
Writing William Drew
Sound Design Kieran Lucas
Research and Insights C Space
Performed by Angela Clerkin, Jack Egan, Martins Imhangbe, Tom Lyall and Balvinder Sopal
Producer Natalie Adams
Project Manager Lizzie Jenkins
Sound Operator Ally Southern
Stage Manager Beth Cotton

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