Please note: FutureFest is postponed until further notice – find out more here.

Commissioned by the RSA and Nesta.

Coney has been commissioned to create an immersive story-game for FutureFest, made in partnership with the Future Work Centre of the RSA, where we invite you to playfully experience a journey into 2035.

“Here at VSNRY we’re tackling the Big Qs, Big Qs about you. We do this with our experiential focus groups: playing futures, provoking debate and discovering how we feel in the face of uncertainty.

But what if your future wasn’t uncertain? What if all the tools we need to better grasp certainty are right here?

Join VSNRY, for one day only, for the invaluable opportunity to better understand your own fortune, simply by answering some simple questions and making some minor decisions. Together, we can find more options in the evolving present.W

How to book
Three Futures (and a Fortune) is presented as part of FutureFest, which has been postponed until further notice. Keep updated on their website here.

Created by Coney, here represented by Harriet Bolwell, William Drew, David Finnigan, Melanie Frances, Jeannine Inglis Hall, Kieran Lucas, Michelle McMahon, Ed Naujokas, Adam Robertson and Tassos Stevens